01 August 2011

stories of hope vs tragedy

~~~writing as the HO incharge of RED ZONE night shift 24/07/11 10pm till 8am 25/7/11 ~~~

12 MIDNIGHT @ 25/07/11:
The night was dark. we're anxious beyond words. The night is far too calm. Like the calm of a sea before the brink of a storm. Cases keep on coming 1 by 1, still manageable but somehow i did not feel at ease.. i wonder.. what's in store for us tonight??

12.30 Midnight:
we received a call. Our ambulance services is fairly in need. Large scale MVA in Bukit Merah Taiping (lorry vs bus fully loaded with 44 people). Siren blazing repeatedly echoing through the night. A few minutes later, our paramedic confirmed the death of 2 person on the spot thereby indicating this is a high speed injury a.k.a the night is about to get busy. Like a lion prancing on a defenceless mice, a tragedy has struck upon us. Only one thing in my mind: be prepared mentally and emotionally. More difficult and challenging cases are coming our way.

1.00 am:
we received our first case.
RED CASE ABOVE ALL> one of the yet so many gruesome facts fate thrown our way.
20 months old malay boy with severe head injury.
within minutes of his arrival, after a s eries of CPR and valiantly trying our best to save him, unfortunately, his time is up.
All of us just froze there.. thinking where are his parents right now? are they safe?? what will happen to them once they learned their boy has died before them??

even in the aftermath of his death, we have no time to mourn him.
another case coming in whom we deemed him UNKNOWN BED 1.

drowsy with GCS 13/15 on arrival.
sustained crush injury of both leg (nearly unsalvageable) with multiple long bone fracture and traumatic arthrotomy which i myself lose count of. Despite our vigorous resuscitation, he keeps on bleeding like hell. His right leg later on amputated. Regrettably, he died just few hours prior to these entry. May GOD bless his soul.

female/malay/ 20+
drowsy with GCS 14/15 on arrival
sustaine d multiple closed long bone fracture with her left eye nearly severed out of her eye socket. Facial wound oozing with blood.
we intubated her.
currently critical in our ICU.
Later on we learned that she is the mother to the boy who died initially. T_T
( her husband is one of those who died on the spot)

within space of 5 minutes, cases keep pouring in .
YELLOW DISASTER DRILL ALERTED> all our staff being call back to work.
MO from different department also came for help.
Taiping Hospital is currently at war.
its almost one to one manshow.
for me and my friends who stuck with red cases, its all or nothing.
you either manage to revive patient to life or you're left with cold black plastic body bag to wrapped onto.

6.50 am:
in the end, the actual statistic left me out cold.
Total 40 MVA casualties.
with 6 death
3 critical
>20 warded.

in the face of death, truly- we learn more about life.
somehow, we survived the night; with deep wound engraved to our heart and soul.

help us keep the seed of hope alive for them.
dont let their tragedy becomes yours.

ps: sorry for the long entry.
semoga ramadhan kali ini menjadi titik tolak baru dalam hidup kita, berusaha mencari cinta Allah.