13 November 2010

perfect distraction

- just some scribble down life notes -

I find it very upsetting that work currently has become MY BIGGEST PERFECT SCORE TEN DISTRACTION. such a trivial thing that ends up eating my passion for 'true' life. Struggling and contentment is there but i can hardly say it's an achievement.

I've finally reached the time where i can safely said i'm comfortable enough in medical posting, and yet here comes another hurdle: my fighting or should i call it my REBEL spirit is fiercely awaken.. and IT clouded me againts my better judgement. Who am i to fight my own ward specialist who is also the specialist in charge of HO: whose action can pretty much be summarize into two words: mostly intolerable and egoistical. She reminds me so much of my own previous two bosses from ortho although i thinks she's the lesser of the two evils (hehe.. pardon me for my language here).

One of my fellow junior from M2 is here in Taiping and from time to time we met and have lunch with each other. I'm proud with her for staying and keep on fighting. For those who's in their own battle out there (whether in your studies, baby on the way ^_^, works, etc..) hang in there.. you'll gonna make it fine insyaAllah. JUST DON"T GO THERE ALONE... if you get what i mean.

ps: I'm currently renting outside. The first time ever i went to GIANT to buy the groceries for my first self cooked dinner in months after starting works.. the experience reminds me so much of Ashan and Moscow. Hehe. Except the part that i can buy almost everything possible in Giant.
NAnti jemputlah datang rumah ye adik-adik. My door is always open <3