05 June 2010

cinta di ambang neraka

Alhamdulillah Allah berikan saya ruang kesempatan untuk menyusuri blog2 akhawat yang sangat2 saya sayang dan rindui.. alhamdulillah mereka 'jauh' bergerak dan sentiasa dalam rahmat-Nya.

Within this 3 weeks of working in paeds department, i've comes across quite a few unthinkable and unacceptable mind boggling truth. Saddening, deplorable and nauseatingly inexcusable. I've just ran out of words to describe how much i hate it and hope i will never comes eye to eye with it again, which i'm 100% sure it will never happen at least for the next 10 years onward.

I'm talking about the fact that there is minimum 2 girls average age 14-17 years old admitted to our ward per day for alleged rape case or alleged-consensual-sex-under-age-that is obviously not approved by parents who somehow find a reason to lay the blame on us rather than find the reason how all of this can happen in the first place. And out of 10 cases, at least 8 of it are the consensual case; with all 3 holes penetration. Shocking isn't it? And what's worst is that, they DO NOT HAVE INSIGHT AT ALL. Totally peace at heart. They are the worst possible patients you can never imagine. While we're trying our best to cover them with multiple drugs to prevent them from getting pregnant, STDs and some other venereal disease + getting them psychiatry and social welfare support + surgically repaired back whatsoever part of their bodies that they've injured during the process, so far as i'm concerned, its like bouncing off a ball to the wall at the speed of 250km/hour. The ball hit back at you fast and hard while you're totally unprepared for it. Get what i mean so far??

I've got the experience to help takes blood for DNA test for one 16-years-old-alleged-rape-by unknown man-case yesterday. While her face showed nothing about the brutalilty of it, i pretty sure her soul got maimed in every ways imaginable. My hand trembling so much from the mere look of her bruising hand and i sincerely thanked Him for helping me get the blood in one shot. She get scared easily up to the point of nervous breakdown when a man gets near her, and we have to put 2 policewoman next to her all the time to ensure her she's safe with us. T_T

Kenapa cinta di ambang neraka yang manusia kejar-kejarkan?
Apa kesudahannya pada kenikmatan fizikal yang bersifat sementara cuma.
Why aim for a fleet of moments when there's eternity of life?
I'm not sure whether we're all just plain stupid or simply downright arrogant to the core...

Hidayah tidak akan datang bergolek andai kita tidak mencari.
Adakalanya, apa yang kita perlu buat hanya buka mata dan hati sahaja.
Petunjuk Allah sentiasa ada di sekeliling kita andai kita gunakan mata, telinga dan hati kita dengan sebetulnya.

Jangan tunggu sehingga masa tinggal sedetik cuma.