12 January 2010

tragedy of a man

We always lived our life everyday in contradictory. We said A, and yet what we did is B. We know that something is right, yet somehow our heart denies the truth or better said: REFUSED to accept the truth when there is nothing in it except only the truth. THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES i guess. Betul tak??

" Hati itu lebih cepat berbolak-balik berbanding air panas yang sedang menggelegak "

Time never flew so fast yet i felt it moved so slow. The time has finally come. And THANK HIM THE ALMIGHTY i can finally say: i've been there, done it and pass it!! - successfully i might add ^_@ Tomorrow the whole 24hours insyaAllah will be my last day as an orthopedician housemen. After this, my next posting will be surgery. I became stronger over the times, but not without battle scars along the way. I've learned so much over the 4 month i'm here in ortho. All the ups and down of it. And the best part, ortho gives me a more harden proof that GOD is there with those who sincerely believed in HIM, and HE indeed knows what is good for you. Remember, the famous quote we read in matsurat everyday:

" Allah tidak membebani seseorang kecuali sesuai dengan kesanggupannya. Ia mendapat pahala dari apa yang diusahakannya dan ia mendapat siksa dari dosa yang dikerjakannnya.."

Over the time, despite all the 'unforgetful distressing nasty memory' i've had in ortho, i am proud to say that I DO LOVED MY MESSED UP ORTHO FAMILY. Loved them so much that i even enjoying doing periphery call for the past 1 week although i was the one who strongly objected and got anxious beyond recall when my MO wanted to put me as one of the 3 periphery housemen. Periphery housemen means you cover all hospital ward (except the three active ortho ward) who have ortho cased during the so called office hour from 8am to 5pm. Being a periphery housemen means you get to work as early as 5.30am in the morning and comes back after 6-7 sometimes even 8pm in the evening. And you have to work a lot!! i get to say that it helps you exercising though. Exercise is good. Good for your body and your fighting spirit.

At times like this, i suddenly missed my friends who 'back-up' so early. How i really wish there were here together with me, together celebrating the day we finally step over the first hurdle of a very long journey of life as a doctor. As a muslim doctor to be exact.

The tragedy of a man is what dies inside him while he lives. Instead of being pushed under all the negative event, why not we choose to revive ourselves and fight against it. Bear in mind that all the difficulties we encounter in life is actually GOD's sign that HE LOVES us.

" tidaklah seorang muslim tertususk duri atau yang lebih teruk dari itu melainkan ditetapkan baginya dengan sebab itu satu darjat dan dihapuskan pula satu kesalahan darinya.."

Jazakillah kepada mereka yang sentiasa memberi semangat secara langsung ataupun tidak langsung. Dalam hidup, tak ada sesiapapun yang tidak ada kena-mengena.. Seluruh alam ini adalah satu sistem yang saling memerlukan. Tanpa salah satu daripadanya, maka pincanglah ia..