28 January 2011

lesson relearn

Akhirnya saya dah menjejakkan kaki ke department yang ke-5: O&G. Day 12 of life here. Just like a newborn: still have so much thing to learn and skills to be sharpen along the way. Life is busy as always.

Terfikir juga, apa sebenarnya yang saya dah belajar dalam department2 yang sebelum ini?? kalau nak disimpulkan kepada satu ayat...

1. ortho - a place where you'll learn the survival of the fittest. The going gets tough, but the tough keeps going...

2. surgical - a place where you'll learn to project and marketing yourself, in another word: making you become more efficient and at the same time numb with death.

3. paediatrics - a place where you'll learn that every single thing you do have a significant impact to the world around you. There is nothing else more lovelier than the juiciest truth. Every simple detail is make into account. AND LOVE GOES A VERY LONG WAY...

4. medical - its all about teamwork and sharing the burden (and happiness also). This is the place where you'll need to stay ahead of yourself. Life is afterall more fruitful when everyone lends a hand. Or a shoulder.

5. O&G - its about protecting the future. You will grow up ONLY if you can overcome all the obstacle of life. Take it one step of a time. EVEN A BABY NEEDS TO GO THROUGH THE HARDSHIP OF MOULDING HIMSElF INTO A VERY TIGHT BIRTH CANAL FOR HIM TO BE BORN ALIVE! (after all, we're calling it labour right?? )
No pain No Gain .

~~~~sentiasa cuba mengingatkan diri untuk sentiasa bersyukur apabila dapat menyaksikan keajaiban kelahiran di depan mata saban hari... T_T syahdu... ~~~~~

01 January 2011


selling stories that are overrated
in this world so complicated
felt so right, you tried to make it wrong
why can't we all just get along

from the start something wasn't right
i used to cry myself to sleep at night
told myself stand up, be strong
this kind of phase doesn't last for long

and every time you try to knock me down
gonna pick my back off the grounds
the battle never ends

you can tear me apart,
you can rip me to pieces
try breaking me down but i'll never be beaten
you can say that you won but i'll never believe it
cause i can't be defeated

made a mistake
swore i'll never repeat it
lost my heart for a second but it never stopped beating
i smile through the tears
so the way that i see it
i can't be defeated

there are times that i couldn't take it
never feel so violated
at the risk of sounding so cliche
i just gotta call a spade a spade

hurts me right to the core
i can't take this any more
getting tired of the same old song
final chorus now i'm moving on

things ain't fair in love and war
never been the kind to be ignored
tried to push me to the edge

nothing is impossible
nothing is unreachable
if you only believe
you get what you need
so keep on holding on


i'm so sorry for the short listed number of entries in year 2010
looks like i'm beaten for a while
just gonna keeps on fighting
and tried to make the best out of it
a big thanks to all of whom help me make it through
and helping me to remember what is it that's important in life

insyaAllah, in two weeks time I'll be changing department from medical to O&G (my fifth posting). wish me lucks!